VIDEO: Burpees; How doing them is the same as paying taxes.

Those that have had to endure the pain of having to do Burpees will know what I’m talking about when I say that they suck.! They suck in the same why that doing your tax return sucks, but when you get money back from SARS it’s  the best feeling in the world in the same way that the fitness gains you get from doing Burpees makes the pain of doing them worth it.

I know it sounds like the next infomercial when I say, doing Burpees truly is the ultimate, all-in-one workout that will build your strength, burn fat and provide a lung-busting cardio workout. It is because a Burpee is a series of quick and powerful movements, repeated for as many times as you can bare, that you get all the benefits of full body workout. Especially if you have a hectic lifestyle and only 10 minutes to train You will be hard-pressed to get a better sweat-inducing workout, than pushing through as many Burpees as possible in 3 minutes, resting to catch your breath and repeating for another 3 minutes will give you…. But that’s not all! Yes, folks, the best thing about Burpees is that you only need an open space of 2×2 meters and your own bodyweight. So hurry up, and dial 0800-getur-ass-in-shape, for this lifelong offer.

So, go do your Burpees You’ll be sorry, but then, you won’t.

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