Keeping it Real (Video)

“You are what you do most often.”

This is a quote that I’ve heard on many occasions. What it means to me, is that you become known for that which you spend the most time reading about, thinking about, talking about and actually doing.

In practical terms -if you consciously spread positivity through the things you say and do- you are a positive person. You may not feel like it all the time, but because you act in a positive manner most of the time, all the people you encounter every day will most likely describe you as a positive person if asked to.

In the same light, if you are like me- spending most of your free time thinking about, talking about and planning your next workout- you are a fitness nut.

Now I’m not saying that being a fitness nut is all that I have going for myself, nor should you. It is perfectly alright to have and to pursue other interests like Food, Photography or Feng Shui (if you are stuck in the 90’s). All I’m really saying is that to really make something, like working out, a part of your life and to achieve that positive lifestyle change, you need to look your best; you got to spend some time on it. More time than 45minute, 3 times a week in your local health club. You’ve got to find your fire: That thing that lights up inside you and makes you want to read more think more and do more about reaching your goals. Not to please anyone else but prove to yourself that your goals are yours because you chose them and not because someone else expects it from you.

For me at least, training is something that defines me, not all of me but it is something that I’m known for, something that I attach that, who I am- my identity. It will always be part of me.

It is of course entirely possible that there is some deeper reason for making such a strong connection to an external focus and to chase a goal that has very little effect on the eternal, but let’s face it- we all have our little idiosyncrasies that make us human, unique and interesting. So I’ll spare you any more Psychobabble.

What’s the point of all of this? It’s that if you are going to train from today onward with a real goal and a drive to actually achieve that goal, you have to figure out your real reason why.

Without a real reason to – “suck it up”, Buttercup will not get out of bed if she is still aching from last week’s workouts and soon, Buttercup will quit training altogether.

Video: Jeff Cavaliere is a very experienced trainer that talks a little more about finding your real reason to train.

If you are ready to commit to achieving your fitness goals and you are looking for someone to guide you along the way, this is the website for you.

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