Taking on the Speed Queen(Video)

Alyssa Conley has established herself as a sprinting force to be reconned with and has shown that has what it takes to compete at the very highest level- the Olympic games. She is dedicated, extremely hard-working, but still down to earth in spite of her success in 2016. She even took some time out to take me on in a 1-minute Burpee challenge.

Sprinters, Race Horses and Formula 1 Racing cars all have one thing in common- they are like finely tuned machines, built for the sole purpose of going fast. They typically keep away from all things that might jeopardise their preparation and performance on the track. Which is why I am so highly impressed by, and grateful for  Alyssa taking the time to take me on in this burpee challenge.

Although she is well acquainted with burpees, she admits she does not practice burpees very often, which played to my favour in this challenge. But let us be honest I didn’t have much else going for me here. I mean she’s at the top of her game and physical specimen and Me? Well, I’m just trying to stay in ahead of the middle-aged spread.



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