My workout space at home

When my wife and I bought our house back in 2013 we had to give up a number of things in order to balance our budget so that we could afford the monthly instalments on the mortgage. One of the things I sacrificed was my gym membership which meant that I had to start getting creative with my approach to fitness.

I started using workout apps with great success but soon realised that I need a dedicated space at home where I can do my workouts. I didn’t need much, only a pull-up bar and open floor space of about 3m x 2m.

Now I’ve had this space before. A makeshift area at the back of the house which can be seen in one of my earlier posts. However apart from the love I have for my family, very little else really last forever. So I had to give up that space when we decided to do some renovations.

I was left without a pull-up bar and no dedicated area where I can train.

But, thanks to a YouTube video that inspired me to build my own pull-up bar I am proud to announce that I’m back in business (so to speak)

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