Building serious muscle with Bodyweight training.

The basic principles of building muscle are pretty simple- provide your muscles with sufficient stimulation to grow and then provide just enough good nutrition to fuel your workouts and rebuild bigger and stronger muscles during rest and recovery. This is not license to pig-out. Overdoing it at the dinner table will leave you with too many surplus calories which will be stored as fat…not good!

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Training with your own self.

With nothing more than a basic understanding of how to perform a few simple movements and how to put them together in a workout you can build the foundational strength, coordination, flexibility and endurance to become strong enough to eventually do stuff like one-hand push-ups, handstands and any kind of variation of a pull-up that might’ve seen on youtube.

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Resistance is not Futile.

Notice that I did not mention what kind of resistance against the movements is required.Becuase it doesn’t make a difference. As long as the movement is made more difficult by adding resistance to the movement equation in a controlled manner, these muscle adaptations will be achieved.

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