Taking on the Speed Queen(Video)

Alyssa Conley has established herself as a sprinting force to be reconned with and has shown that has what it takes to compete at the very highest level- the Olympic games. She is dedicated, extremely hard-working, but still down to earth in spite of her success in 2016. She even took some time out to take me on in a 1-minute Burpee challenge. Continue reading “Taking on the Speed Queen(Video)”


Get off your A#$$

Have you ever heard it said that sitting is the new smoking?

Well, it is true that sitting it’s not going to cause lung cancer or make your teeth turn yellow or even give you bad breath, but too much sitting could be seen as one of the root causes for many health problems that modern society faces today. Continue reading “Get off your A#$$”

Run Like a Hero.(Video)

Wayde Van Niekerk is not the only Running Hero that South Africans can look up to. Known to fewer people but in many ways just as heroic is the Spiderman Runner that inspires every time a sighting is reported.

Locally he is known as ‘Spinnekop‘. This road running hero shuns personal pride and comfort to bring attention to a cause that is close to his heart, which is the hearts of children. Specifically the hearts of his own young son as well as little Elisa who suffers from a Congenital Heart Defect(CHD).

A little CHD patient may suffer from a range of heart defects. It ranges from simple defects with no symptoms to complex defects with severe, life-threatening symptoms, which can be very difficult to bear for any loving parent.

Although it seems that Eric’s, the Spiderman Runner, son is less severely affected by CHD and will probably outgrow his heart defect, this brave father and husband still go through life with an amazing attitude. Instead of going after his own goals in an inconspicuous manner he trains for is next marathon and perhaps also the Comrades Marathon 2017 in a full Spiderman suit. Come rain or shine Eric can be seen on the streets or at weekend races dressed in his hero suit, always friendly and happy to pose for a selfie or to share a passing thumbs-up.

This attitude of selflessness, approaching life in a slightly different way than is normally expected in order to bring attention the plight of others is what makes this man such a hero. We can all take a leave out of his book by thinking about how we can influence the lives of the people around us for the better by just changing our approach slightly.

So go to the Facebook links in the second paragraph of this piece to like and support this very worthy cause.


If ever you see this fast-moving hero of the streets, show your support with a friendly wave or ‘beep-beep’ of your car’s horn.

Getting big things done.

a-view-from-the-topBig things, achievements, goals, a legacy, these are the things in life that we all strive for. You might not want to admit to it, but you do too. Your big thing might be to buy a house for your family to live in, start your own successful business so that you can be your own boss or become healthier to ensure that you are around to enjoy a long life with your loved ones. Getting Big things done will always be a lingering thought for all of us. So why aren’t you, and me actually going after them, why don’t we work on achieving these big things?

Continue reading “Getting big things done.”