My workout space at home

When my wife and I bought our house back in 2013 we had to give up a number of things in order to balance our budget so that we could afford the monthly instalments on the mortgage. One of the things I sacrificed was my gym membership which meant that I had to start getting creative with my approach to fitness.

I started using workout apps with great success but soon realised that I need a dedicated space at home where I can do my workouts. I didn’t need much, only a pull-up bar and open floor space of about 3m x 2m.

Now I’ve had this space before. A makeshift area at the back of the house which can be seen in one of my earlier posts. However apart from the love I have for my family, very little else really last forever. So I had to give up that space when we decided to do some renovations.

I was left without a pull-up bar and no dedicated area where I can train.

But, thanks to a YouTube video that inspired me to build my own pull-up bar I am proud to announce that I’m back in business (so to speak)

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Resistance is not Futile.


They say the Chuck Norris doesn’t do Push-ups instead, he pushes the earth down.

This is not actually possible of course, but it is a nice intro for my first post in 2017  under the topic of bodyweight training. A topic that I will focus on throughout the month of March.

You see, I think it is a fair assumption on my part that anybody who trains for the purpose of improving their health, physical appearance and general well being are using some form of resistance training, because resistance training is the only natural way to change the shape, size, strength and endurance of your muscles. Simply put when a certain movement is made more difficult to do as a result of some kind of resistance that acts directly opposite to the direction of the movement and is repeated up to the point where the movement can’t be completed without having to rest, resistance training is achieved.

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Get off your A#$$

Have you ever heard it said that sitting is the new smoking?

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Getting big things done.

a-view-from-the-topBig things, achievements, goals, a legacy, these are the things in life that we all strive for. You might not want to admit to it, but you do too. Your big thing might be to buy a house for your family to live in, start your own successful business so that you can be your own boss or become healthier to ensure that you are around to enjoy a long life with your loved ones. Getting Big things done will always be a lingering thought for all of us. So why aren’t you, and me actually going after them, why don’t we work on achieving these big things?

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