Workout Videos

It is absolutely possible to build muscle, get fit and look great, by working out with your own body weight.

I have created a series of tutorial videos for super effective workouts that you could do at home even if your time is limited and you haven’t trained for a very long time.

I’ve even added in tips on how to modify the exercises to challenge you at your current fitness level.

And I offer it to you for free.

You can also check out my free Park Fitness sessions on Saturday mornings, where we can meet in person and keep you motivated.


Never, Never, Ever skip the warm up. 

Doing a simple warm up routine before you workout will help you perform better during the workout and also greatly reduce your chances of getting hurt.


This workout consists of two sections. The first is a circuit of exercises in which you need to engage your core and brace to keep your whole body in a static, strong position for 30 seconds. Engaging your core means that you pull your belly button in towards your spine while also keeping your butt/gluteus tight.

The second part of the workout is an A.M.R.A.P or As Many Rounds As Possible which means that you are challenged to cycle through the sequence of exercises as many times as you can in 15 minutes.

As you watch the video, keep in mind that it is absolutely okay to scale down the exercises to a level that you can handle and to take a break when you need to, but keep pushing yourself.


In this workout, I challenge you to complete 3 circuits.

Circuits 1 & 3 follow an AB and ABC format in which you do exercise A and exercise B directly after each other, with no rest between the two. Obviously, in an ABC format, there are three consecutive exercises with no rest between the exercises.

In Circuit 2 you will again practice bracing is static bridging positions. These exercises are excellent for building a good strength base and lays a good foundation from where you can start doing more advanced strength exercises like push-ups.


This workout starts with a circuit in which I challenge you to complete 40 repetitions of each exercise in the first round, then 20 reps of each in the second round, 10 of each in the third round and finish by completing 5 reps of each exercise in the last round.

Complete all 4 round in as little time as possible.


Finish with a series of 3, AB format sets which you complete twice, each.


This workout introduces interesting exercises that will challenge you balance, fire up your core without sit-ups and help to start building strong arms and back muscles. 

Continue to practice the static bridging positions before learning new exercises in Circuit 1 en then burn up your core and legs in Circuit2.


In workout number 5 you’re presented with 4 challenging sets of three exercises which follow on each other with 30 seconds rest after the third exercise. The workout finishes with a brutal but super effective TABATA set.


In this workout you must try to complete As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes. The exercises are simple and quite easy, so push yourself hard to get through as much work as you can in the prescribed time.


Workout number 7 focuses mostly on the core with a nice little TABATA finisher at the end.


In this workout you’ll introduced to some new movements and it will also be focused on stability from your shoulders down to your toes.

…More workouts will be loaded soon.