My Mission

For as long as I can remember, being active, playing sports and working out has been something that I’m naturally drawn to. Throughout my childhood, I played Rugby, Cricket and Tennis. I also did some less traditional South African sports like Karate, Wrestling and Gymnastics, but when I took up Running, at age 11, sport truly started to shape the person I am today.

I achieved some success as a runner and was awarded provincial colours a few times as progressed through the age groups, but never rose to the lofty heights of achievement that would make the effort I put in, worthwhile.

Still, being active is so much a part of me that decided to do a  BA Degree in Human Movement Science and even took up Triathlon during my Varsity years. But as progressed in life after my studies I moved further and further away from achieving my fitness goals.

Although I never really stopped training, I felt that it is time for me to start truly living out my passion, but this time by helping others achieve their fitness goals.

In recent years I’ve realised that it is possible to reach new fitness levels with less time at one’s disposal and I want to share my knowledge, passion and experience with you.

Also, if you live in the vicinity of Elardus Park, Pretoria, you are invited to join my Saturday morning Bootcamp sessions.

So stick around, or come back later. I will have lots and lots of information and stories to inspire and motivate you.